TYPE : Overground hydrant DN100 PN10 / PN16  - TYPE C - PN-EN 14384
                with break-away system
EFEKT effect pillar above gorund hydrant double shut-off ball break-away system pn10 pn16 ductile iron fire plug pump firefighting protection water supply emergency response preserve lives and property high performance long life dependability certified dry type pillar dry barrel design to eliminate freezing EN 14339:2005 EFEKT effect pressurized water supply designated to supply water for firefighting during all phases of the fire column shape which emerges from below the ground level, allowing above ground connection of equipment for firefighting purposes cast iron fire hydrants produced by EFEKT are in strict compliance with standards 14384 and CE mark, casing made entirely of ductile iron protects them from impact, whether accidental or otherwise, and operational hazards such as water hammers, fire pump, hydrant, pompa, sprinkler and tagged diesel, fire, harga, hose, hydrant, nozzle, outdoor, pemadam, pillar, portable, pump, vertical, cast body or steel body for a reasonable price, hydrant spare parts , a connection point by which firefighters can tap into a water supply , Fire hydrant is a safety device
Materials and construction characteristics :
  > Manufactured accordance to EN-14384
  > Flange connections accordance to EN 1092-2
  > Connection couplings accordance to DIN 14318  at nominal pressure PN10/16
      STORZ 2xB + 1xA
  > Hydrant can be equiped in other types of couplings acc. to domestic market specification
  > Patented efficited break-away system solution
  > Full inner and outer heavy anti-corrosion epoxy paint with min. level of 250μm in RAL5015/3000
    accordance to EN ISO 12944-5:2009, resistance for electrical breakdown 3kV including anti-UV
  > Possibility of hydrant elements assembly and disassembly without necessity to surface
      interference surrounding
  > Possibility of head turnover in range of  90º
  > Drainage takes place at the moment of complete closing of the hydrant
  > Roots and roots covers made from aluminum or cast iron. Body and hydrant foot made of grey
     or ductile iron, column as per below table options, mandrel made of stainless steel, mandrel nut
     made of brass with trapeze thread
   >  Quality and repeatability accordance to EN ISO 9001:2008
   > Medium temperature - 40ºC
Technical data :  
Versions Support
100 1900 1250 60 9819-100 PN10/16 Steel - in standard
  * INOX
  * Zinc plated
  *  Ductile iron
100 2150 1500 63 9821-100 PN10/16
100 2450 1800 67 9824-100 PN10/16

* - accordance to customer request

Reflecting continuous progress of product development we reserve right for further construction changes or to produce product accordance to customer request..